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"Don't go out too far, kids!" A mother called from her backyard. As she saw them wave back, she smiled. It had been only an hour in the new house, and the children seemed to warm up to it already.
Of course, who could resist the vast wooded area-just outside their new backyard. She folded her arms in content and went back inside to help her husband unpack.

"Quit runnin' so fast! I'm gonna get my skirt ripped up!!" The female kitten cried at her brother-already farther ahead than she was.
"Wimp! You shouldn't have followed me, then! This is a man's journey! No girls allo-" The boy tripped, falling face first into muddy leaves and dirt. His sister laughed, and then looked down at what he tripped on.
"Lookit, Phil!" She squatted down next to what looked like an old and rusted shovel. Instantly, Phil was at her side, staring at their newfound treasure.
They both looked at eachother, and shrugged. "Lets go to the lake!"
"But-But mom said-"
"C'mon Cassie! Don't be a wimpy girl!!"

"Well, it looks like you have another...30 weeks?" The doctor rolled his ultrasound wand around the pregnant belly of a jubilant female cat.
"Abbey! Abbey, did you hear that?! Only 30 more weeks to go!" The female cat cried, her husband; Abbey smiled.
"Yes, I heard. Doctor," He turned to the female dog doctor; "will Daisy have a rough pregnancy or--?" Daisy looked back to the doctor, then the ultrasound screen.
"Well, everything seems to be ok. Just try not to fall down again, Daisy."
"I won't!" Daisy gave a confident smile. Abbey glowed with happiness, until his cell phone rang.
"Shoot. I'm sorry, I'll be right back. Work, you know?" Abbey quickly backed up to the door, with a still-smiling Daisy. The doctor nodded in sympathy.

"Alright Chief, this better be good. I was just in the-"
"Yeah, yeah. I know. But this is serious." Abbey had to roll his eyes. His boss could be so dramatic. Of course it was serious. Being a detective was always serious!
"Well? What is it?"
"A body of a female cat has been found in the Dichiamo Rivers. Two kids spotted it, thinking it was treasure...Or something."
"Go on?"
"Yeah, well turns out the body was in a bag of stones. Probably to weigh it down or something like that. The body actually looks pretty preserved, we can assess that she was a white Khao Manee. Probably 18 around death. They found something interesting on the body, though, a pink ribbon tied around her eyes."
"Want me to come down?"
"Yeah, this is gonna be your case-after all. You gotta see this for yourself."
"Perfect. I'll be down shortly." Abbey hung up the phone, pinching the bridge of his nose.
That could be anyone wearing a pink ribbon.
Anyone. It couldn't have been her. They dropped that case a long time ago. It went into the cold case files.
So it couldn't have been her. It just couldn't-
"Abbey?" Daisy put a hand on her husband's shoulder, looking perplexed at her husband's form. He never got this upset over cases. He loved solving them, handing out justice and saving lives...
"I think...They found Lucy."

"Maishul! Look!!" Sandy pulled her fiance to a rack of beautiful dresses. "What color should the bridesmaids wear?" She said, now pawing through the rows of frill and satin.
"Er...Blue? Like your ribbon!" Mike pointed to her hair ribbon, making her giggle.
"Do you like the color blue, Maishul?" She asked as she withdrew a blue dress from the rack. He nodded, his eyes softening.
"I've always loved the color blue. It reminded me of you alot..." Of course, that wasn't entirely true. There was always someone else that he was reminded of.
He often hoped that wherever she dissapeared to, she was safe.
"Maishul? Earth to Maiiishul?" Sandy waved her hand in his vision, shaking him out of his thoughts.
"Er, sorry! I was just thinking of the preparations, is all."
Sandy gave a small smile. "We have all the time in the world. My parents promised to help out with money, so-" She was cut off by a kiss from her fiance, and she grinned into the kiss. Mike stopped, and withdrew.
"There'll be plenty of that saved for later, Dandy Sandy." He said, fingering a lock of her ebony tresses. She smiled at the cute nickname, and put back the dress.
"Lets go get some ice cream. On me." She said, taking his hand and walking out of the store with him in tow.

"Thats far away from here."
"I know."
"About an hour."
"I know."
"So maybe its not her."
"Maybe not."
Daisy sat back in her car seat, thinking of all the possible things that could make it not Lucy, but someone else's dead body.
"She wouldn't let herself get killed."
Daisy now sat up strait in her car seat. "What do you mean, 'Maybe'?? Lucy was a strong...Strong girl!"
Abbey sighed. "You know as well as I do she wasn't that strong."
This made Daisy solemn. Her husband was right. When all the drama was pretty much over in their senior year, Lucy had gone back to being normal. Her normal, stubborn self. It was a relief to all of her friends, including Daisy. But was she totally over the incidents that made her heart so hard to love? She didn't go to prom, either. She spent that night with her video games, babysitting her two siblings and her 'pets'. She didn't seem to care, but Daisy knew better. She was hiding hurt. She was hiding depression. But Daisy didn't do anything about it. She still blames herself for not telling everyone sooner. But part of her knew she didn't want anymore drama. That'd make things worse.
Still, did this make Lucy's supposed death her fault?
Abbey turned to Daisy, and gave a sad smile. "Remember, you're on leave-so you can't help me this time; my Personal Secretary, Daisy."
She smiled. No, this wasn't her doing. Besides, Lucy couldn't be dead...Right?

"Hhhhhoooyah! Done work, paycheck in hand and I am ready to PARTAY!!" A rugged Somali cried out in happiness, tossing his hardhat on his sofa. "David, get some chicks in the house-we are gonna party hard tonight!" His room mate, and best friend David, smiled.
"Caaaan't. I," He grinned even harder; "have a date!"
"Whaaat? No way, man! You? A date??"
"You make it sound like I can't bag any chicks!" David whined, and his friend chuckled.
"Nah, you can dude. I'm just joshin' ya. So! Who's the lucky girl?"
David shrugged. "Dunno. Met her online on twitter. She follows me on there, and we've become good buds."
"Shes not an old hag, right?"
"Pauloooo! Don't make me regret telling you!" Paulo shrugged and walked into the kitchen, popping open a can of soda.
"Hey, just don't whine to me when the lady's 30 years old and has a bazillion kids!"
They both were silent for a moment, until they both started to laugh. "H-Hey now, lookit what you made me do!" Paulo said in between laughs, staring down at a remote on the granite counter top. "I got soda on the remote!"
"Not my problem!"
"It will be if you can't watch Playhouse Bunnies!"
"Their boobs. They're hypnotizing..." David said, making grabbing motions in the air. Paulo shook his head, wiping down the now sticky remote. He rubbed over the power button, making the small tv in the living room turn on.
"Oops." He said, not really caring. "Guess we're watching the news now."
"Guess so." David said, already walking over to a beanbag chair. "Or we could watch some sexy reruns of Playhouse-"
"Wait!" Paulo said, running over to the tv.
"What? I didn't know you had a thing for Sue!" David said, referring to their old friend Sue(who was now a news anchor for their local area).
"No, look!" David did, his eyes now widened in shock.

"I-In more recent discoveries...The case of the missing Khao Manee named Lucy (Paulo coughed, blocking out the last name) was found today in the rivers of  Dichiamo. It has been confirmed that this is her actual body, brutally murdered and possible rape...Of the victim." Sue took a deep breath, and a picture of Lucy flicked up on the screen. It was her senior picture. "The...The family and friends...Ask for your assistance...If possible...If you know anything. H-Here's Donald with sports. I'm sorry, I'm--Could someone hand me a tis-" The camera cut to Donald, reviewing last night's football game. Paulo turned it off, the picture of Lucy still fresh in his mind.
"...Holy s**t." David said, his face contorted into shock. Paulo flopped down onto the old sofa, jostling his hardhat from work.

Prolly no one will understand this, but this is a fanfiction on :icontaeshilh: comic, BitterSweet CandyBowl. If you don't read it, you prolly don't know what the heck's going on here.
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069x-ray Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
069x-ray Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
What exactly is Abby here? Private investigator, police?

And is it just me, or does this seem kinda like an episode of NCIS Los Angeles?

Pretty cool!
TakuniChan Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011  Student General Artist
Abbey's a detective. And...Well, watching NCIS and those kind of episodes did spark this idea...
069x-ray Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
01-10010-1011 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You wrote nicely. I salute you. :salute:

Oh yeah looks like Peter's gonna have a new friend!
TakuniChan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Student General Artist
:D Pahaha
vulcan22222 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
Poor Lucy. ;_; But.. AMAZING STORY THUS FAR. 0 _ 0

I hope it's continued at a later date.
TakuniChan Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Student General Artist
Way later. Oh man, has this been put on the back-burner. >_<
hebi37 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I can say I liked the story.

It was a pleasant read, manages to catch the attention from the beginning, and viewing the situation from the different character’s perspectives makes it a more complete experience.

I can’t really point out something really important that it lacked. It’s just my opinion but think it could have been a bit better if you had vaguely implied the kids had found something.

Awesome work. And +watch’d. ^^
TakuniChan Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh, you'll hear the children's reactions. I mean, they do have to be questioned about the situation, right? And thanks!
VedtheFlameDevil Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work so far.
TakuniChan Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010  Student General Artist
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